Calvary Life Tutors

... provides training material to the local church who wishes to train its members to fulfill the Great Commission. As such it calls itself a Mentoring Centre for Ministry and Church Management. CLT is considered to be a pioneer of mentoring and is widely regarded as being at the forefront of e-learning technology in ministry training. For this reason we state that we are Mentoring through Advanced e-Learning Technology. CLT offers quality education whilst adhering to a Christian value system.

CLT was established in 1984 to assist the local church in training the believer to develop and grow – in order to be obedient to the Great Commission.

Mission Statement Aim
Our aim is to develop a knowledge of the Word of God – to be able to live accordingly, communicate and defend it – and to prepare for the continual study of it.

Theological Position
Calvary Life Tutors serves the Evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal churches and holds to the fundamental principles in Christian doctrine.     See Statement of Faith

Decentralised on purpose, everywhere by command

Calvary Life Tutors offers training for the following Ministry courses of 80 credits each:

    Certificate in Christian Discipleship,
    Diploma in Leadership,
    Advanced Diploma in Ministry.

At this stage, students who completed Phase 3 may choose any of six different Bachelor directions for which CLT only offers mentoring:

  1. Ministry, to be trained as a pastor
  2. Counselling, to be trained as a counsellor
  3. Education, to be trained as a teacher
  4. Business Leadership, to be trained as a people manager
  5. Business Administration, to be trained as a business manager
  6. Bachelor of Arts, to receive a broad but balanced training
1. Ministry Graduate training

Phase 4 provides a Higher Diploma in Shepherding and Phase 5 a Bachelor of Ministry.

Qualifications are issed by Calvary University. Short Course attendance certificates are obtained from Cristian Life Training. CLT only acts as tutors for students to help them master the material. The material is produced and published by Calvary Academics, an independent press.

Postgraduate training follows: a Bachelor of Ministry (Honours), Master of Ministry and Doctor of Ministry.   See our statement on Higher Education. The 3-phase short courses, as these are called, are offered by Bible Schools (Tuition Centres) in Phases of 80 credits each. Likewise, students follow the other 5 directions by registering for them at Calvary.

Go to any of the introduction pages to understand our objectives, scrutinise our Statement of faith, see how the course mentoring developed, take note of the purpose, objectives, the format and the principles of the training method.

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